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What is Reentry?

"Roughly 700,000 offenders return from state and federal prisons to communities all over the nation each year. This `reentry’ phenomenon has citizens and policy makers alike asking whether offenders are equipped to become law-abiding, tax-paying members of society. Can they be expected to refrain from re-offending and from re-victimizing their fellow citizens? Unsuccessful reentry can mean more crime and more victims. But successful offender reentry equates to public safety. There is a growing understanding that if an offender can return to the community without re-offending and without victimizing another person, then the community is safer. And, if he can also become a productive member of society—working, supporting his family, and paying taxes—the community is stronger and more stable. Everyone wins.

This growing understanding that successful offender reentry can mean fewer victims, containment of correctional costs, and stronger, healthier communities, has sparked many efforts in states and communities across the nation to support and enhance reentry success.” 1

What is a Wiki?

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Why a Reentry Wiki for Oregon?

The Oregon Reentry Wiki is a “one-stop-shop” approach to providing information on state and county level services and resources available to offenders who have been released from Oregon Department of Corrections custody. The site allows state agencies and local community partners to easily post relevant information on the web, and gives offenders a single place to identify resources available to them upon return to their home communities. The wiki can also be used as a resource for members of the general public, who desire to gain a better understanding of the reentry process, and the ways in which they can help offenders successfully reintegrate into society.

Additional Information

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1. Burke, P.B. (2008) The TPC reentry handbook: Implementing the NIC transition from prison to the community model. Washington, DC: National Institute of Corrections.
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