Benton County Transitional Services

The Benton County Community Corrections Transition Program focuses resources on offenders incarcerated in the Department of Corrections who are scheduled to be released to Benton County on parole or post-prison supervision. The Transition Program is a specialized caseload that helps prioritize resources and develop case plans for offenders as they transition back into the community.

Contact Information

PO Joel Pickerd Transition Officer (541) 766-6226||drekcip.leoj
PO Sarah Ingalls Sex Offender PO (541) 766-3544||sllagni.haras
LT. Justin Carley Supervisor (541) 766-6224||yelrac.j.nitsuj


Transition Center:

The Transition Center is a highly structured, safe, drug and alcohol-free living environment designed to house up to six indigent offenders at any given time. The TC is comprised of two apartments and is monitored by a PO as well as part-time Case Monitors. TC residents are required to submit to frequent alcohol and drug testing, daily residence/property searches, mandatory curfew, household cleaning responsibilities, and a weekly community service assignments in lieu of rent. Residents must be involved in recommended programming, including substance abuse treatment, sex offender treatment, job search and cognitive skills programming. Residents may remain at the TC approximately 90 days providing they are working toward self-sufficiency and following program rules.

Oxford Houses:

Benton County currently has one Oxford House. The cost of rent is roughly $400 per month with a one time sobriety fee ranging from $125 to $150.

Men’s House: 561 NW Harrison, Corvallis, Oregon 97330

The Oxford House is not connected in any way to Benton County Community Corrections.


Benton County Community Corrections utilizes employment resources within the community for those individuals who are searching for employment.


Benton County Community Corrections contracts with Milestone Family Recovery Program to provide evidence-based substance abuse treatment. Treatment programming includes Moral Reconation Therapy, criminal conduct, strategies for self change and gender specific groups. Treatment programming will address specific measurable client centered goals and thinking errors to change behavior. Benton County Community Corrections also offers several evidence based programs including "Anne Fields MET" and "Thinking for a Change." The Anne Fields MET group is a five class program focusing on goal setting and motivation. Thinking for a Change is sixteen week cognitive restructuring program.

Health Care Safety Net Clinics


There are numerous resources in Benton County to help individuals transition from the DOC to the community, including resources for housing, employment, treatment, community support meetings, and education.

Child Support Services in Benton County Provided By:

Albany Office
Division of Child Support
118 Second Avenue SE, Suite B
Albany, OR 97321-2710
Phone: (541) 967-2028
Fax: (541) 967-2167
Oregon Child Support Program

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