Information about Child Support and Incarcerated Parents in Oregon

Did you know?

There are many Oregon parents with child support orders who are also serving time in a correctional facility. Did you know their responsibility to pay child support and their rights as parents do not end with incarceration?

How can you help?

We understand that most incarcerated men and women do not have access to the internet. We encourage persons or agencies who are in contact with incarcerated parents or their families to share information found on our website:

What do we do?

The Child Support Program (CSP) in Oregon provides child support services including locating absent parents, establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, modifying and enforcing child support orders, as well as receiving and distributing child support payments.

Fast Facts about Incarceration and Child Support:

  • Becoming incarcerated doesn’t prevent child support orders from being taken against a parent.
  • Being incarcerated doesn’t make existing child support orders stop adding new debt each month.
  • An existing support order may be changed, but it is not automatic. One of the parents has to ask for a modification to the order.
  • If a child support order is modified because of incarceration, 61 days after the parent is released it normally will go back up to what it was before the modification.
  • Court orders from another state cannot always be modified by Oregon.

Please visit the Oregon Child Support website for more information

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