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Columbia County Community Corrections' mission is to reduce criminal conduct through a partnership with communities, human services agencies, and with a continuum of supervision, incarceration, and programming to manage offender behavior.

Community Corrections is a partnership between the Oregon Department of Corrections and local County Community Corrections Departments that serves to provide a cost-effective means to hold offenders accountable, while assisting them through the process of changing their criminal behavior and protecting the community.

With an average of 1 in 33 Oregon adults involved in the corrections system, Columbia County supervises an average of 500 offenders. As a rural community, at times we struggle with limited resources; however, we are able to provide a broad spectrum of services for a wide range of community needs. Additionally, bordering Multnomah and Washington Counties broadens the community's accessibility to other needs, such as medical care, education, and employment.

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Child Support Services in Columbia County Provided By:

Tigard Office
Division of Child Support
PO Box 230549
Tigard, OR 97281-0549
Location: 10775 SW Cascade Avenue
Phone: (503) 670-9775
Fax: (503) 670-0240
Oregon Child Support Program

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