Columbia County Community Corrections
Transitional Facility

901 Port Ave.
St. Helens, OR 97051

The Transitional Facility is available only to offenders on formal probation, parole or post-prison supervision, and they must complete an application and interview process with the Director of Community Corrections. This is voluntary housing; it is not used as crisis

Community Action Team, Inc. (CAT)
125 N. 17th St.
St. Helens, OR 97051

CAT provides case management, emergency rent, shelter assistance, long-term rental assistance, NOHA applications, low-income housing lists. Also available are housing rehabilitation and weatherization loan programs, as well as assisting in finding loans for building your own home, based on income.

NW Oregon Housing Authority (NOHA)
PO Box 1149
147 S. Main
Warrenton, OR 97146
503-861-0119 or 888-887-4990

NOHA provides rental assistance for low-income housing for families, seniors, and the disabled.

Riverside Training Centers
105 Port Ave.
PO Box D
St. Helens, OR 97051

Provides residential care in group homes and supported living in apartments for persons with developmental disabilities.

Rural Development (R.D.)
2514 Sykes Rd.
St. Helens, OR 97051
503-397-4555 ext. 4

Offers low-interest loans for low-income families to become home owners of modest sized homes. May also have repair loans and grants.

Oxford Houses
503-366-7061 or
Call houses for openings and application process.

Oxford houses offer clean and sober living through a therapeutic community based residence. Residents of the houses must maintain their sobriety while living in the houses, and must agree to live by the house rules, including random urinalysis. Oxford houses are not staffed by any management or corrections staff.

Homeward Bound
Portland and Aloha, OR
Call for openings and application process.

Homeward Bound recovery homes are for individuals with drug and alcohol dependency problems who choose to live a life of sobriety. Residents are expected to develop self-discipline and establish order in their lives. Some program rules include sobriety, self-help support groups, random urinalysis testing, obtain/maintain employment, curfew, and abide by conditions of supervision. Homeward Bound homes are staffed and monitored by resident management. Speak with your supervising officer about the option of treatment fulfillment through Homeward Bound.

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