The Douglas County Transition Program

Douglas County has acknowledged that the first 90 days upon release from prison are the most crucial for success. Many offenders release from the institutions with no resources and limited life skills. The Douglas County Transition Program has been designed to help releasing inmates with housing, employment, treatment enrollment, life skills, mentorship, and faith-based resources in the community. We serve between 120-170 inmates releasing into the community each year. Our goals are to reduce recidivism by creating opportunities for offenders to become pro-social members of the community and to have a collaboration of community partners to assist offenders in a successful re-entry back in to the community.

Contact Information
PPO Chris Hooley Reentry Parole Officer 541-957-2055||yelooh.r.sirhc
PPO Robert Ashby Sex Offense Parole Officer 541-957-2080||ybhsa.s.trebor
PPO Kimm McArthur Sex Offense Parole Officer 541-957-2078||ruhtracm.a.mmik
PPO Darren Hoschouer Sex Offense Parole Officer 541-957-4632||reuohcsoh.j.nerrad

Reach-In Program

It is Douglas County's goal to conduct reach-ins with each inmate at least 30 days prior to their release. Due to our distance from the institutions, this is generally done telephonically with the Parole Officer, Transition Coordinator, Inmate, Release Counselor and Institution Treatment Provider. The purpose for these reach-ins is to give the inmate an opportunity to address concerns and to establish a realistic plan for release. This is also an opportunity for us to learn what resources the inmate is going to need and attempt to arrange these resources prior to release.

Transitional Skills Program

All clients releasing to Douglas County will be required to enroll in the Douglas County Transition Program at 405 Rose Street, Roseburg, Oregon 541-440-0061. Classes are currently every Monday and Wednesday at 9am with orientations on Mondays at 10:30am. This curriculum is designed to compliment the Road to Success Curriculum in the Institution. In these classes releasing inmates will work on overcoming obstacles to their release. In addition, The Employment Department, Umpqua Community College and Public Health provide information on programs offered.

Housing Options

Douglas County has a variety of low-income/clean and sober housing options, however, the only current indigent housing available is the Roseburg Rescue Mission. The Roseburg Rescue Mission is a "HOME FOR GOOD" program that provides shelter and meals for Douglas County's homeless population. It is very commonly used for releasing inmates until other accomodations can be made. The county also has 4 self-run Oxford Houses which average about $300/month for rent and utilites. Umpqua Community Action Network, also has some housing options once individuals are able to pay limited rent. See the HOUSING link for Oxford House addresses and phone numbers.


Treatment Options

Douglas County offers a variety of treatment options, as releasing inmates have a variety of treatment requirements for post-prison supervision. ALL clients releasing to Douglas County are required to attend the Douglas County Transition Classes upon release. These classes include employment education, resume writing, finance education, health information, and a curriculum designed to help offenders overcome the obstacles to release. Some treatment programs are subsidized by Community Corrections and some are self-pay. See the TREATMENT link for adresses and information on treatment programs.



The current employment situation across Oregon is bleak, however, there are still many opportunities in Douglas County for those dedicated to finding employment. There are very few employers in Douglas County who are not "felon friendly", however, some of the temporary agencies do not accept applications from those on supervision. See the EMPLOYMENT link for information on "felon friendly" temporary agencies as well as other employment assistance agencies.


Health Care

Health Care Safety Net Clinics are community-based providers who offer health services to low-income people, including insurance. Most safety net patients are OHP enrollees, the uninsured, and other vulnerable Oregonians who pay a sliding fee for primary care services.


Child Support Services in Douglas County Provided By:

Roseburg Office
Division of Child Support
2440 NW Troost, Suite 100
Roseburg, OR 97471-1611
Phone: (541) 440-3357
Fax: (541) 440-3368
Oregon Child Support Program

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