Home for Good

Home for Good in Oregon (HGO) is the Oregon Department of Correction’s faith-based re-entry initiative developed and managed by the Department’s Religious Services Unit. HGO consists of a network of over 40 ODOC-trained community chaplains who supervise or collaborate with countless volunteers serving the re-entry needs of individuals in each of Oregon’s 36 counties.

The goal of HGO is to provide inmate applicants with community and faith-based mentoring to assure their connection to faith communities in the neighborhoods where they return. In turn, those faith communities help individuals following incarceration build social networks, find spiritual and religious support and encouragement and acquire the necessities of a successful life as a contributing citizen, including employment, housing, education, etc.

To receive HGO services, begin by completing an HGO application which can be obtained from institutional chaplains, counselors or staff. After the application is received at the HGO home office the applicant receives a letter with information for developing contacts and relationships with volunteers in the community.

To become an HGO volunteer or to become a partnership organization contact the HGO Administrative Office at 503-945-9087 or write to HGO at 2575 Center Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301. Together as individuals and organizations we can help make our communities safer while leading and supporting others in their journey of faith.

For further information about HGO and training dates in your communities contact the HGO Administrative Office or go to the ODOC HGO website

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