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Successful transition from prison to the community will continue to be a critical element for Josephine County Community Corrections to reduce recidivism among this high risk group. With a contract in place with Welcome Home Oregon (WHO), a faith-based, community non-profit organization dedicated to removing barriers to re-entry, the designated parole officers who specialize in release planning and investigation, work with WHO and conduct “reach in” conference calls to the inmates prior to release to develop the best release/ treatment plan possible. Our Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP), inmates serving the last 90 days of their sentence in the community and who have completed intensive treatment programs in prison, are residents of the Ferguson House Transition House for that period of time. Other offenders who have completed a recognized alcohol and drug program while in prison and do not have resources available may also be eligible for entry into the Ferguson House.

Josephine County Community Corrections has strengthened reach-in efforts to facilitate a conference call on all offenders scheduled for release. These offenders will be assigned to a single parole and probation officer familiar with program content and expectations. A new component added this biennium is a cognitive based program called “Getting it Right”, which is required of all AIP offenders one time per week in addition to their other treatment. This “Community Group” is facilitated by a certified drug and alcohol counselor and the parole and probation officer with attendance being required for a minimum of 12 months. Through this process, social activities are planned throughout the year and mentoring is a required role. An alumni group has also been established to assist in the mentoring and aftercare efforts.

Other services facilitated through this process are employment referrals and counseling, as well as assistance with identification and transportation.

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