Re Entry And Mentors

Karen Caskey with Welcome Home Oregon has joined forces with Parole Officers Julie Farris and Thom VanArtsdalen to help offenders transition back into the community.

Sex Offenders are supervised by Parole Officers Bill Kramer and Genelle Bennett. Any Domestic Violence related offender is supervised by Parole Officer Stephen Works.

We have a mentor program where offenders successfully transitioning into the community come along side newly released offenders. Karen Caskey is the contact for our mentor program.

Karen Caskey can be reached at (541) 474-5178 or by email at||yeksack

You may contact the following re-entry Parole Officers by phone or email:

PPO Julie Farris, (541) 474-5165 ext 3719,||sirrafj
PPO Thom VanArtsdalen, (541) 474-5165 ext 3715,||neladstranavt

PPO Bill Kramer, (541) 474-5165 ext 3711,||remarkb
PPO Genelle Bennett, (541) 474-5165 ext 3706,||ttennebg

PPO Stephen Works, (541) 474-5165 ext 3705,||skrows

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