50 Ways To Show Kids Your Care

Each interaction with a child is a meaningful relational opportunity. As a parent or other loving adult you have a profound impact on a developing child and our community.

1. Notice them. 26. Be silly together.
2. Smile a lot. 27. Hang out together.
3. Keep the promises you make. 28. Make time.
4. Point out what you like about them. 29. Inspire their creativity.
5. Give them lots of compliments. 30. Accept them as they are.
6. Catch them doing something right. 31. Create a safe, open environment.
7. Give them your undivided attention. 32. Help them learn from mistakes.
8. Have fun together. 33. Tell them what you expect of them.
9. Praise more; criticize less. 34. Expect their best; don’t expect perfection.
10. Be consistent. 35. Do what they like to do.
11. Admit when you make a mistake. 36. Introduce them to new experiences.
12. Tell them how proud you are of them. 37. Welcome their suggestions.
13. Applaud their successes. 38. Daydream with them.
14. Believe in them. 39. Become their advocate.
15. Nurture them with good food. 40. Appreciate their personality.
16. Be flexible. 41. Tackle new tasks together.
17. Delight in their uniqueness. 42. Display their artwork in your home.
18. Let them make mistakes. 43. Ask for their opinion.
19. Include them in conversations. 44. Let them act their age.
20. Respect them. 45. Be happy.
21. Visit their school. 46. Ask them to help you.
22. Help them learn something new. 47. Deal with problems and conflicts when they’re still small.
23. Be understanding when they have a difficult day. 48. Give them immediate feedback.
24. Give them good choices. 49. Join in their adventures.
25. Respect the choices they make. 50. Love them, no matter what!

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