Faith Based Community

Klamath County Faith-Based Community Resources

Life Recovery Network (541) 882-4646
Klamath Christian Center, 115 N. Alameda Avenue, Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Serves: All
Services: Celebrate Recovery Groups

  • Anger Anger may be the first response to problems of any size. The anger may be very evident as rage, withdrawal and isolation.
  • Chemical Addictions Chemical addictions include alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs or any other chemical.
  • Co-Dependency Some struggle with the compulsion to rescue and take care of others, have difficulty setting boundaries, and recognizing their own worth.
  • Divorce Care To offer encouragement, understanding and healing with others who are experiencing separation and divorce.
  • Parenting Learning good parenting and coping skills. Growing healthy children to become healthy adults.
  • Women Survivors of Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse Support for those who are experiencing or have experienced

physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.

Lutheran Community Services NW (541) 883-3471
Serves: Lutheran Community Services provides a variety of services to adults, adolescents, children, families, schools, businesses, congregations, neighborhoods and communities. OHP and private insurance accepted; Sliding fee scale based on income.

  • Family support centers and service
  • Alcohol and drug treatment and education
  • Crisis intervention
  • Developmental disability services
  • Mental health counseling
  • Counseling and outreach Multicultural
  • Parent education and support
  • Transitional housing
  • Violence prevention and counseling
  • Youth asset development
  • Disaster response
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Adoption services
  • Advocacy and social justice
  • Community education and prevention
  • Foster care
  • Home care
  • Maternity counseling
  • Refugee resettlement
  • Senior outreach and support
  • Teen pregnancy and prevention

Integral Youth Services (541) 882-2053
Serves: Integral Youth Services offers hope to youth, providing for their needs and mentoring toward positive choices and healthy relationships.

  • Runaway support, crisis intervention, information and referral (Community point-of-contact)
  • Short-term runaway and homeless shelter, assessment, case management, information and referral, teen/parent mediations (Exodus House)
  • Alternative school, making up school credits (New Vision Learning Center)
  • Working classroom (T.E.A.M. Work)
  • School enrollment and fee assistance, clothing, supplies, backpacks, hygiene products (Outreach Team)
  • Community service for youth, work skills training
  • Building relationships with at-risk youth, crisis counseling, education materials on alcohol/drug/sex abuse prevention, referrals (Outreach Team)
  • Independent skills training (Independent Living Program)
  • Landscape maintenance (Cottage Industries)
  • Drop-in center (Youth Center)

Society of St. Vincent DePaul (541) 281-5345
Serves: All
Services: The aim of the Society of St. Vincent DePaul is to bring social justice and the friendship of true charity to all those in need. “There is no need outside the concern of the Society. Be it sickness or disability, mental or physical, family problems, social or economic, the loneliness of old age, the alcoholic, the drug addict, the grieving, the alienated.”

The Society of St. Vincent DePaul supports and operates:

  • Rehabilitation workshops for the handicapped
  • Free dining services
  • Food pantry
  • Person-to-person assistance through home visits
  • Visitation to the elderly, sick and disabled
  • Children’s camps
  • Youth programs

Church of Christ (541) 882-5894
Serves: All
Services: Marriage counseling, bible studies

Faith Tabernacle (541) 882-1668
Serves: All
Services: Marital and pre-marital counseling, family night, bible study.

First Church of the Nazarene (541) 882-4705
Serves: All
Services: Pastoral pre-marital and marital counseling

First United Methodist (541) 884-4053
Serves: All
Services: Emergency food and other support (clothing/transportation), afterschool mentoring program for elementary school children, pastoral counseling, bible study.

Generation of Hope (541) 884-5714
Serves: All
Services: 18 week parenting class – Growing Kids God’s Way

Good Samaritan Ministries (541) 882-3842
Serves: All
Services: Individual counseling, family systems therapy, marriage counseling, relapse prevention group.

Gospel Mission (541) 882-4895
Serves: All
Services: Free clothing, shelters for women with small children and adult men

Klamath Christian Center (541) 882-4646
Serves: All
Services: Pastoral Care – Personal, Marriage, Family Life Recovery Network – dealing with addictions
Kids Like Me – children in recovery too!

  • Growing Kids God’s Way
  • Good Sense Budgeting Course
  • Anger Management
  • Wounded by Shame; Healed by Grace
  • Boundaries
  • Telling Yourself the Truth

Klamath Lutheran (541) 884-3452
Serves: All
Services: Pastoral counseling by appointment

Langell Valley Community Church (541) 545-6339
Serves: All
Services: Pastoral counseling

Living Faith Fellowship (541) 884-4720
Serves: All
Services: Personal, marriage, family and addictions counseling

Malin Baptist Church (541) 892-2196
Serves: All
Services: Pastoral counseling by appointment

Malin Community Presbyterian Church (541) 723-2221
Serves: All
Services: Depression Support Group for Adults

Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church (541) 884-5057
Serves: All
Services: Men’s Anger Management, AA

Shasta Way Christian Church (541) 884-9284
Serves: All
Services: Pastoral counseling by appointment

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