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Community Resource Guide

Recognizing the relationship between strong families and good outcomes for children, this Community Resource Guide is dedicated to our children and families in Klamath County. Healthy Children, Healthy Community. Included in this Guide you will find many resources that will benefit your family along with Dr. Bruce Perry’s Six Core Strengths for healthy brain development. Healthy early childhood experiences optimize brain development allowing children to reach their full potential. Each interaction with a child is a meaningful relational opportunity. As a parent or other loving adult you have a profound impact on a developing child and our community. A community of thriving children will become healthy, contributing adults.

Agriculture Families Employment Mental Health/Counseling
Anger Management Energy Assistance Mentors/Advocates
Budgeting Resources Faith-Based Community Parenting
Child Care Family Support/Parent Resources Respite Care
Clothing Family Recreation Self-Sufficiency/Independent Living Skills
Counseling Food Seniors
Crisis - All Emergencies Dial 911 Health Care Safety Net Clinics Transportation
Disabilities Resources Hospice Tribal Services
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Housing Veterans
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Mediation Victim Assistance
Education Medical/Dental/Nutrition Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Six Core Strengths for Healthy Brain Development

50 Ways to Show Kids Your Care

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