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In the pursuit to align ourselves with Evidence Based Practices, Linn County recognizes that the first 90 days following release from prison are most critical for success. Linn County has taken an assertive and proactive approach in developing a transition program that attempts to identify and works to eliminate barriers to successful reintegration. Approximately six months to release, our goal is to get inmates thinking, planning and preparing for their release from prison. We are working to incorporate a reentry planning form and an in depth questionnaire to incorporate an element of journaling. We continually network with Transition Coordinators and Release Councilors to provide the best services possible while minimizing the duplication of efforts. In addition to our group education efforts, the majority of inmates releasing to Linn County receive an individual reach-in prior to release. In our individual meetings, Transition Parole Officers' (POs') assess risk, need and responsivity (motivation). This information is used to assist in release and case plan development. Utilizing validated assessments, based on treatment readiness, clients are frequently referred to required programming. These early referrals may include cognitive behavioral treatment, substance abuse, mental health, assistance with housing, mentoring and employment resources. These referrals significantly decrease waiting periods and reduce lag in required programming as Inmates transition into the community. Another key element is that our Transition POs' maintain supervision six months following release. With this, the same evolving comprehensive case plan is maintained and utilized throughout community supervision. Our efforts in transition appear to have made a significant impact in the lives of our clients. We currently serve between 140 and 160 inmates releasing into our community each year. We are always working to improve and streamline our efforts in this process.

Contact Information

Tracy Dodge Prison Reentry Parole Officer (541) 967-6761||egdod.a.ycart
Cliff Filley Prison Reentry Parole Officer (541) 967-6763||yellif.s.ffilc
Trisha Kenyon Prison Reentry Supervisor (541) 967-6768||noynek.a.hsirt
Maureen Robb Director (541) 967-6759||bbor.m.neeruam

Case Planning

It is our goal to get inmates thinking, planning and preparing for their transition into the community. At six months to release, we work to provide Linn County bound inmates with a Reentry Planning Form and Information Packet. Inmates are expected to complete and provide the Information Packet to their Parole Officer. At approximately three to four months to release, the Parole Officer will schedule an individual meeting with the Inmate, review the Information Packet and discuss transition. We have attached links to the Reentry Planning Form, Information Packet and future Monthly Report.

Reentry Planning Form
Information Packet
Monthly Report

Full Resource Directory

We have provided a link to a complete list of community services in Linn and Benton Counties.

Resource Directory

Additional Resources Listed Below:


Linn County currently has a wide variety of recovery based housing available. There are six men's and four women's Oxford Houses. Two of the women's Oxford Houses allow children to live with their mothers. The cost per month ranges from $300.00 to $350.00 per month with a one time deposit ranging from $125.00 to $175.00 depending on the house. In addition, Linn County has many non-profit organizations that offer transitional housing. Rivercenter in Lebanon sponsors a faith-based transitional housing program called Christ Walk. FISH of Albany offers housing options for women in transition. Linn County has indigent housing available in Albany through Helping Hands located at 619 SE 9th. For a list of the addresses and phone numbers see the housing link.



We have access to temporary employment agencies that accept individuals with felony convictions. See the employment link for information on employment resources.



Linn County offers a variety of treatment options. Linn County Drug and Alcohol contracts with Linn County Parole and Probation to provide substance abuse treatment. Based upon eligibility this program is subsidized by community corrections. See the treatment link for the address and information on treatment programs.


Mentor Program

Linn County has worked closely with the Home For Good Initiative within the Department of Corrections. Through that relationship we have developed a mentor program that is available to all releasing offenders. We currently contract with C.H.A.N.C.E. (Community Helping Addicts Negotiate Change Effectively), a non-profit organization, to oversee our mentor program. C.H.A.N.C.E. recruits volunteers, trains potential mentors, educates community members, has on-going support groups for the mentors and matches mentors with mentees. The collaborative effort has created a positive connection between Parole and Probation and the community. Please see C.H.A.N.C.E.'s website for more information. []


Additional transportation options listed in the link below.

Child Support Services

Below is a link of services provided by the Oregon Child Support Program.
Local Branch:
Albany Office
Division of Child Support
118 Second Avenue SE, Suite B
Albany, OR 97321-2710
Phone: (541) 967-2028
Fax: (541) 967-2167
Oregon Child Support Program

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