Malheur County Health Care Safety Net Clinics

Health Care Safety Net Clinics are community-based providers who offer health services to low-income people, including insurance. Most safety net patients are OHP enrollees, the uninsured, and other vulnerable Oregonians who pay a sliding fee for primary care services. Primary care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Urgent care
  • Acute and Chronic disease treatment
  • Services based on local community need (mental health, dental, and vision)
  • Preventive care
  • Well Childcare
  • Enabling services (translation/interpretation, case management, transportation, and outreach)

Federally Qualified Health Centers:

Valley Family Medical Clinics

Nyssa Medical Clinic
17 N. 6th Street
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Phone 541-372-5738

Ontario Medical Clinic
7 SW 3rd Street
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Phone 541-889-2340

Vale Medical Clinic
789 Washington West
Vale, Oregon 97918
Phone 208-642-9376

Nyssa Dental Clinic
17 N. 3rd Street
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Phone 541-372-2606

Ontario Dental Clinic
84 NW 2nd Street
Ontario, Oregon
Phone 541-889-0052

Rural Health Clinics:

Jordan Valley Health Clinic
400 Iowa Street
Jordan Valley, Oregon 97910
Phone 541-586-2422

Malheur Memorial Health Center
410 Main Street
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Phone 541-372-3809

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