Prison Reach-Ins

The Marion County Reentry Initiative is working closely with Oregon Department of Corrections Transition Services to begin working with clients six months prior to their release. Marion County’s Community Corrections Division leads the "reach-ins" with assistance from other partners, including Community Action Agency and Mid Valley Mentoring.

Each month, a team from the initiative goes into the prisons and correctional facilities to meet in groups and one-on-one with offenders who will soon be released. Specific content areas are presented including
- Housing options and expectations
- Steps for employment success
- Recreation and other pro-social activities
- Health services
- Treatment and other cognitive and motivational skills programming

Each individual receives an application and is provided with the next steps to engage in additional services and community supports. Individuals also receive probation and parole obligations and expectations. In addition to the application process, individuals develop an individualized transition plan and each client completes evidence-based risk and motivational assessments.

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