Volunteer Opportunities

Tutor or Mentor:

  • GED Tutor: Volunteers provide expertise, experience and encouragement to a participant working toward obtaining his/her GED.
  • Individual Mentor: An individual mentor assists a participant to successfully transition back into our community. A mentor can be an advocate, positive role model, resource, and listening ear. Mentoring activities may include helping a participant brainstorm positive ways to deal with challenges, navigate public transportation, participate in community service, and enjoy pro-social activities.

Skills Development Facilitator:

Volunteers, in collaboration with MCRI staff, will facilitate training sessions to help participants develop supportive relationships and overcome obstacles to successful transition. Topics for skill development may include problem solving, job related skills, life goals and visioning, communication and teamwork, life skills such as health and wellness, parenting, family reconciliation, and overcoming obstacles specific to transition.

Activity Facilitator:

Volunteers, in collaboration with MCRI staff, will conduct group workshop-style activities in a broad range of topics. These topics will be chosen based on the interests and expertise of the volunteers but may include living a balanced lifestyle, financial planning and budgeting, literacy, computers, arts and crafts, nutrition and cooking, book clubs, creative writing, and exercise such as walking, hiking, martial arts or yoga.

Professional training is provided by MCRI partners

Motivated Individuals Wanting To Change
Can you help?

Volunteer opportunities include:
Projects, Office Work, Tutoring, Mentoring and more!

For more information, contact:
De Muniz Resource Center, gro.aacvwm|ecruoserzinumed#gro.aacvwm|ecruoserzinumed
Mid Valley Mentors, www.midvalleymentors.org

The following opportunities are available with the Marion County Reentry Initiative:

  • Coordinate/facilitate a social activity
    (Movie night, bowling, hiking, or other pro-social activities)
  • Conduct life skills class
    (Budgeting, cooking, resume writing, ESL, etc.)
  • Basic data entry into CDL (Community Data Link) or on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Clerical and reception duties
    (Filing, typing, greeting clients, etc.)
  • Support/Educational groups
    (Single parents, parenting for fathers, family skill building, peer support)
  • Sponsor a participant
    (GED, Oregon I.D., etc.)
  • Obtain items and prepare care packages for new participants
    (Soap, hair items, toothpaste, lotion)
  • Service projects
  • Donate to the De Muniz Resource Center

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