Road To Success Re-Entry Program

Program Overview

Road to Success is an Oregon Department of Corrections program for inmates who are six, or fewer, months away from their release dates. The program provides inmates with a self-assessment of skills, training and guidance on how to re-enter work, family and community life, after serving time within state correctional facilities. Inmate participation is voluntary and the program is designed to meet individual needs. Transition Coordinators work with inmates to jointly identify which components of the program will best assist with successful transitions back into the community.

In addition to a structured curricula delivered by the program, Road to Success also provides inmates with connections to community resources, access to an employment kiosk, connections to veteran’s assistance programs, “reach-in” opportunities with parole and probation officers, and one-on-one planning as needed


To provide quality programming and services that enable offenders to successfully transition into the community.

Curricula – Program Components

The employment component of the curriculum assists individuals in gaining and sustaining legal employment by teaching individuals skills to become competitive applicants and valuable employees. Topics include:

  • Identifying marketable behavioral skills
  • Identifying technical skills
  • Developing a resume
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Mock interview – video taped and critiqued by class
  • CIS skills – assessment to help identify skills and interests and link those to career paths
  • Meeting work ethic standards
  • Working as a team member
  • Characteristics of an effective and ineffective team
  • Managing Stress and Practicing Healthy Self-Care

Working with a Parole Officer
This component of the curriculum shows individuals how to access their Parole Officers as a resource.

Participants learn how to build trust and new connections with family through behavior that shows responsibility and accountability to others.

Financial Management/Credits and Loans
This component shows how to develop a financial plan that addresses basic needs, pays debts, and saves towards personal goals. In addition, participants learn how to determine true cost of credit and loan offers to make responsible financial decisions.

This component shows participants how to locate, obtain and maintain housing. Topics include:

  • Locating housing
  • Rental history
  • Letters of introduction
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Budgeting
  • Strength assessment
  • Cleaning and home maintenance
  • Rental applications
  • Rental agreements

Program Locations

Columbia River Correctional Institution
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
Oregon State Penitentiary
Oregon State Penitentiary Minimum
Santiam Correctional Institution
Oregon State Correctional Institution
Deer Ridge Correctional Institution
Snake River Correctional Institution

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