Union/Wallowa County Community Corrections Program

Union/Wallowa Counties has acknowledged that the first 60 days after release are important to success for offenders. Emphasis is placed on housing, treatment and employment/education, which have been found to be the factors that, when addressed, lead to successful reintegration into the community. All of the Parole/Probation Officers supervise offenders released to the community. The Department has a satellite office in Wallowa County where a PO works approximately one and one-half days per week and the remainder of the week in the La Grande office. All other staff are located in the La Grande office. Our goal is to reduce recidivism by being proactive and addressing the needs of the offender while still incarcerated. An individual program for the offender is then developed within the community. Community partners provide a holistic approach by providing resources for the offender such as mentoring, mental health/substance abuse treatment, life skills, transitional housing, job search skills and GED preparation.

Contact Information

Travis Miller (Union and Wallowa County)
Parole/Probation Officer
541-963-1005 - Union County; 541-426-0500 - Wallowa County

Ryan Browne
Parole/Probation Officer - Union County

Mark Perry
Parole/Probation Officer - Union County

Reach-In Program

The reach-ins are done telephonically by the Parole Officer approximately 30 to 60 days prior to release. At that time the inmate is given an opportunity to address any concerns. The Parole Officer can then begin to develop programming to be implemented upon release for the offender.

Housing Options

Third Street Station is a non-profit, clean and sober, transitional housing resource. It is available for indigent offenders, as well as for those offenders who do become employed but are not yet able to pay rent and a deposit. They are not equipped for families. They offer housing by the day or month and monthly rent is $345.00. They also serve two meals daily. Meals are $4.00. Their emphasis is on providing transitional housing, coupled with life skills and mentoring. At this time they are only located in Union County but they have plans to expand to Wallowa County. The telephone number for Third Street Station is: 541-962-7708. E-mail: moc.cam|rhctcmrd#moc.cam|rhctcmrd.

Treatment Options

Union and Wallowa Counties offer a variety of treatment options. View the TREATMENT link for addresses and information on treatment programs.
Sex Offender treatment is only offered in Union County; therefore, Wallowa County offenders with that condition must travel to La Grande.


The current employment situation is in both Union and Wallowa Counties is depressed. Unemployment figures for both counties exceed the national average. Employment is primarily in the trailer manufacturing sector with an average hourly wage of $10.50, plus bonuses.

Health Care

Health Care Safety Net Clinics are community-based providers who offer health services to low-income people, including insurance. Most safety net patients are OHP enrollees, the uninsured, and other vulnerable Oregonians who pay a sliding fee for primary care services. Primary care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Urgent care
  • Acute and Chronic disease treatment
  • Services based on local community need (mental health, dental, and vision)
  • Preventive care
  • Well Childcare
  • Enabling services (translation/interpretation, case management, transportation, and outreach)

Free eye exams for those released

Click here for Health Care Safety Net Clinics

Child Support Services in Union and Wallowa Counties Provided By:

Pendleton Office
Division of Child Support
700 SE Emigrant, Suite 100
Pendleton, OR 97801-2527
Phone: (541) 276-6932
Fax: (541) 278-4062
Oregon Child Support Program

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