Reentry is especially difficult without a safe, alcohol and drug-free place to live. Finding such housing, that is affordable and accepting of someone with a felony record, can be very challenging. However, there is help for those who work with their release counselor, “reach-in” Officer Eli Lopez, and their mentor (if assigned one).

Washington County has a 215 bed work release facility called the Community Corrections Center. Although most beds are reserved for those serving local sentences, several beds are reserved for “transitional lodgers”. A “transitional lodger” is someone without a place to stay who needs temporary housing, usually for less than 30 days. Although moving into another custodial facility is not what parolees prefer, the Center does offer a bed and meals until a job is found or other living arrangements are made. These beds are in demand, so inmates or their release counselors need to let Officer Lopez know of their need when they talk to him.

“Community Connections” is a grant funded program in Washington County that offers housing, mentoring, assistance finding employment and recovery support. The three month program is offered at no cost. Anyone who is interested should talk to Officer Lopez or a mentor. Space is limited.

There are currently 23 Oxford Houses in Washington County. These houses are often a good option for a parolee with a history of substance abuse who is looking for an affordable, clean and sober place to live. Officer Lopez or a mentor can assist in connecting one to a house with a vacancy. The Community Corrections Department can often assist with the first month’s rent, but the parolee is expected to find work and begin paying rent the second month. Applicants to an Oxford House must be interviewed by the other residents who vote whether or not to accept a person. They want to know if someone is willing to follow house rules, remain clean and sober, and look for work. Houses will not interview someone by phone who is still incarcerated. This requires one to release to the community first (sometimes to a transitional lodger bed at the Community Corrections Center) to be interviewed in person.

There are a limited number of other options in Washington County that Officer Lopez and the mentors may recommend.

Oxford Houses

  • Releasees residing in Oxford House
  • Website provides a listing of all Oregon Oxford homes



Community Corrections Center, Transitional Lodging
Dennis Erickson, 503-845-4587

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