The recidivism rate of inmates leaving prison is extremely high in this country; statistics show that two-thirds of people released from prison will be rearrested. In Washington County, and Oregon as a whole, more than 30% of offenders released from prison are reconvicted of a felony within three years. Research shows that the return to crime happens early, with nearly 30% of all U.S. released inmates being rearrested for a serious crime in the first six months. Clearly, too many parolees are failing to successfully transition back into their communities and the personal and public costs are immense.

Overall population of Washington County is 529,000.
Corrections population of individuals on supervision: 4,045

  • Current population of individuals on parole/post prison supervision: 1,159
  • Current population of individuals on probation: 2,886

Washington County is working to ensure that every parolee has access to the services and support needed to successfully transition back into the community. Although resources are limited, those who actively engage in pre-release planning and post-release supervision can usually find the supportive resources they need.

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Child Support Services in Washington County Provided By:

Tigard Office
Division of Child Support
PO Box 230549
Tigard, OR 97281-0549
Location: 10775 SW Cascade Avenue
Phone: (503) 670-9775
Fax: (503) 670-0240
Oregon Child Support Program

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